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Ein Koch für alle Fälle (I delitti del cuoco) - Blu-Ray - Mediabook (Pilotfilm / 10 episodes) - Bud Spencer®


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Included with every Mediabook purchase: The official chef hat of the television series Recipe for Crime (I delitti del cuoco).


In the summer of 2009, Bud Spencer filmed his last TV series “Ein Koch für alle Fälle (I delitti del cuoco)”. In eleven episodes he plays the former inspector Carlo Banci, who opened the restaurant “Il Polipo allegro” on the holiday island of Ischia after his retirement. Banci hires a few very special acquaintances for his kitchen crew, all of whom he put in prison during his active days. These include the poisoner Castagna, the forger Margherita and the bank robber and gun enthusiast Antonio. Carlos' godson Francesco Fattori also lives in Ischia. Francesco is also an inspector and heads the island's police department. Together with his “crew”, the ex-inspector helps his young colleague solve various crimes. When his daughter “Elise”, an extremely talented thief, shows up, exciting adventures are at the top of the menu.
Further information about the series (German): einkochfuerallefaelle.com

Mediabook Extras: Two backstage videos (behind the scenes), promo trailer with Bud Spencer interview
Duration: 11 episodes (671 minutes)
Sound tracks: German 5.1 / 2.0 dts-HD Master Audio, Italian 2.0 dts-HD Master Audio
Image format: Widescreen 1:85:1 (anamorph) 24fps/1080p